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MACY Classroom

Leader of science and technology education

The characteristics of reality, interaction and plot are the unique charm of virtual reality technology. The new virtual reality VR technology, which combines puzzle games, contextual learning, collaborative learning, and remote education, will solve many educational problems that were previously unsolvable, and let us feel all-round education.

MACY-Classroom focuses on VR education and provides an integrated and comprehensive solution for K12 teaching in Hong Kong with the educational concept of happiness, exploration and creation. It aims to innovate teaching mode and improve the quality in teaching.

Combine the Well-known teachers, schools and educational institutions inside and outside the United Nations to form a teaching and research team. According to the syllabus, they independently develop the teaching courses, provide VR teaching for students, and focus on high-quality teaching resources, integrating terminals, application systems, platforms and content.

Integrate virtual reality technology with teaching, scene abstract concepts, and create highly simulated, immersive, and interactive learning scenarios for students. Let the learning knowledge become the "experience tour" immersed in the virtual space, the improvement of learning interest, the understanding of knowledge difficulties, the expansion of innovative thinking... will be all a brand new change.

VR education is an educational method developed in the 21st century. It uses a computer graphics system and various interface devices such as reality and control to provide immersive technology in a three-dimensional interactive environment generated on a computer. In this process, VR technology will be analogous to the realistic three-dimensional virtual world, and through the visual, auditory, tactile, etc., to let students feel the immersive effect.

VR is very promising in education, and VR education in the macy-classroom is moving forward along this path.