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Course Design Ideas

The mature and perfect VR teaching system fits the course content of the syllabus, making the classroom more vivid and learning more efficient.

It is suitable for primary, junior and high schools to build VR classrooms to assist classroom teaching.

K12 Staged Course Development Ideas

  • Primary Education

    Use VR technology to create an immersive learning environment for students to stimulate and accelerate the understanding and understanding of knowledge points through immersive exploration.

  • Middle School Education

    Difficulty of teaching biology, geography, history, etc. into the panorama, highly reduced in accordance with the principles of discipline, the abstract concepts in concrete images, the knowledge points into the operation during the demonstration.

  • High School Education

    The national team of teachers is built, and the test materials are integrated with the VR scene. New scene-like memory for enhancing cognitive transmission bandwidth.

Sub-discipline Development Ideas

  • MACY Classroom-Sub-discipline-Chinese


    Confucius traveled eastward and saw two children defending each other. One child said: "I went to people when I started out, and I was far away from the middle of the day." I went out at the beginning of the day, and when I was in the middle of the day.... With the scenes in the VR classroom reappearing and sensational and emotional reading, let the students stay in the scene and experience immersive learning.

  • MACY Classroom-Sub-discipline-History


    Have you seen how the primitive people saved the fire, how to get the fire and how fire by rubbing sticks; have you seen how the cavemen lived and how to get food? Have you ever felt the passion of the founding ceremony? VR classroom panoramic teaching of macy-classroom can take you into these situations and events, and truly talk to historical figures, and turn the knowledge points you want to become your experience!

  • MACY Classroom-Sub-discipline-Geography


    VR classroom panoramic teaching can build a variety of different virtual environments, allowing students to walk in the virtual reality in Yunnan, Guangxi and other mountainous areas to experience and feel the formation and impact of karst landforms. It is possible to create a number of different living environments through virtual reality, to explore and observe the characteristics of animals in different living environments.

  • MACY Classroom-Sub-discipline-Biology


    Students only need to turn the helmet, they will find ribosomes, mitochondria, centrosome, and nucleus around. VR classroom, learning to make bio become intuitive, vivid and solve the problem of biological study can not be part of the scene rendered in real classroom, the students on the ground into the microscopic world, truly have the interest and enthusiasm for learning.

  • MACY Classroom-Sub-discipline-English


    VR English learning products are the main representatives of interactive language learning. This series of products relies on VR glasses to create a virtual English learning environment and embed immersive and interactive learning content in the environment. Through VR glasses, users immerse themselves in the learning environment created by the system, and achieve the purpose of practicing English and improving English level through a series of English interactions with virtual objects.

Comprehensive Education Courses

  • Science Knowledge

    In the VR classroom, the VR simulation of Mars exploration scenarios allows the experience to initially experience the 3D world of VR virtual reality, VR “air cabin”, allowing students to experience the aviation environment in a safe virtual environment; various flight simulation scenarios, effective Attracting students' interest in aerospace and inspiring unlimited exploration of the stars. The "VR immersive + experiential" teaching method has the advantages of simple operation, safety, freedom from weather, location and other factors, and education.

    Examples of courses: 1. Polar starry sky; 2. Red Sea diving; 3. Mars exploration; 4. Airport aerial view; 5. Air cabin

    • MACY Classroom-Science Knowledge
    • MACY Classroom-Science Knowledge-Polar starry sky
    • MACY Classroom-Science Knowledge-Mars exploration
  • National Geography

    The VR class allows students to experience the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland through the virtual world. Breaking the limits of space and time, you can visit the beautiful scenery without leaving your home, and let students experience the “immersive” experience. Through the VR class, students can create virtual real-life tourism environments in the sensory world such as sight and hearing.

    Course examples: 1. The Palace Museum; 2. The mysterious desert; 3. The spectacular Qinling Terracotta Warriors; 4. The vast sea; 5. The Qingcheng Dujiangyan

    • MACY Classroom-National Geography
    • MACY Classroom-National Geography-The Palace Museum
    • MACY Classroom-National Geography-The mysterious desert
  • Traditional Culture

    Excellent Chinese traditional culture is an important source of governing ideas since the 18th CPC National Congress of President Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized that the excellent traditional culture contains rich national spirit and moral concepts. It is an important ideological nutrient for the young people's moral construction in the new era. It is an important guide to the education of young people in terms of world outlook, outlook on life, values, ideals and beliefs.

    Course examples: 1. Classics of Chinese studies: Sanzijing, Baijia surname; 2. Traditional skills: martial arts, paper-cutting; 3. Traditional folklore: racing dragon boat; 4. Traditional art: Beijing opera; 5. Traditional festival: Chinese New Year

    • MACY Classroom-Traditional Culture
    • MACY Classroom-Traditional Culture-Traditional skills: martial arts
    • MACY Classroom-Traditional Culture-Traditional art: Beijing opera
  • Safety Culture

    Safety is an extremely important and easily overlooked issue in people's lives. Adolescents are the hope and future of the motherland. Safety education is to provide students with basic safety awareness and preventive ability to avoid accidents.

    Course examples: 1. Traffic Safety Course; 2. Fire Safety Course; 3. Campus Activity Safety Course; 4. Health and Disease Prevention Diet Safety Section; 5. Home Safety Division

    • MACY Classroom-Safety Culture
    • MACY Classroom-Safety Culture-Fire Safety Course
    • MACY Classroom-Safety Culture-Traffic Safety Course