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Course Design Ideas

The emergence of VR virtual technology has brought about earth-shaking changes in people's lives, both in the field of game entertainment, education, and even the medical industry.

With the help of VR virtual technology, the elderly can experience the beauty of the world without leaving home. In the integration of the society and the rehabilitation of the elderly, the elderly have been greatly improved in their hearts and will not feel lonely. Become depressed, and can maintain happy and healthy emotions; help old people find happiness and motivation in life, use VR technology to satisfy travel desires, and let those who cannot travel "tour" the world. With VR, old people can view what they want to go and experience different environments.

Features of VR elderly Education

Helping the elderly to reduce their regrets when they are young: many times they always hear such regrets: "There is no money when you are young. Now that you have money, your children have a heart, but your body is not good, so you can only dream." But now or in the future, through VR and other technologies may bring a little psychological comfort to the elderly.

MACY Classroom-Elderly Education-Psychological Relaxation

Psychological Relaxation

The immersive environment gives old people a chance to forget about hurt, anxiety and loneliness.

VR is also a good way to prevent dementia. One in nine people over the age of 65 in the world suffer from Alzheimer's. VR can control chronic pain, anxiety and depression. This is the third of dementia. Great symbolic illness.

People with dementia often feel lost because they feel they don't belong anywhere. Many old people are easily confused by the surrounding environment, or gradually alienate their families because of the strange feelings. Old people can be relaxed by providing some quiet virtual environment, which helps relieve pain, anxiety and disappointment while reducing loneliness. I hope that by putting them in a beautiful environment, they can feel that they have found themselves again.

MACY Classroom-Elderly Education-Social Communication

Social Communication

Social isolation and loneliness can be said to be a health hazard for the elderly, and a VR platform has been set up to help the elderly break the pain of social isolation.

The death or loss of life of a partner often leads to the loneliness of the elderly. Some people gradually become socially separated because of their own appearance. Through the avatar image, older people can more easily enter a social environment.

MACY Classroom-Elderly Education-Body Exercise

Body Exercise

VR can not only help the elderly psychologically, but also help them physically and make them more motivated to exercise.

A study at the University of Aalborg in Denmark found that VR can stimulate the exercise desire of elderly patients in nursing centers – this is very difficult, because even if they are all equipped with fitness equipment, many older people still feel that exercise will make the body pain, and then not exercise.

Aalborg University's project hopes to make exercise a digital experience. They have experimented with putting a big TV in front of the exercise bike, and the scenery on the TV has changed with the speed of the users on the car. The health of older people who have been trained in this way has increased. This test was so successful that the families of nursing homes and the elderly wanted to turn this test into a permanent project.