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MACY Classroom-VR Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

The abstract knowledge content image is presented in front of the students, so that the students can understand the content more clearly and conform to the teaching rules. The characteristics of reality, interaction and plot are the unique charm of virtual reality technology.

MACY Classroom-VR Course Management and Control

Course Management and Control

The teaching and management system has the characteristics of equipment control, resource management and system control. Teachers can obtain the student's learning materials in a timely manner, and analyze the students' learning through the learning materials, so as to follow up the learning progress of students.

MACY Classroom-VR Course Teaching Plan

Course Teaching Plan

The system contains detailed VR instructional design for the syllabus curriculum resources, which makes it easier for teachers to teach, makes classroom teaching more efficient, well-designed set of entertaining, educational efforts to train students in VR mode.

MACY Classroom-VR Convenient and Efficient

Convenient and Efficient

Through the management and control platform to achieve one-click management of student equipment, improve the classroom efficiency, change the traditional education model, keep up with the pace of the times, aim at the frontiers of science and technology, develop and innovate, and combine the whole new educational model of VR technology.

VR Education——MACY Classroom

Global information era of education, educational model, content and learning positive profound changes. The international community has gathered together. It is estimated that the market size will reach 700 million US dollars by 2025. It is inevitable that VR education will become the focus. For examples:

MACY Classroom VR Education-Google VR Education Expeditions Program

Google VR Education Expeditions Program

MACY Classroom VR Education-Microsoft Layout Virtual Education

Microsoft Layout Virtual Education

MACY Classroom VR Education-Samsung VR Education Eduthon

Samsung VR Education


MACY-Classroom focuses on VR education and provides an integrated and comprehensive solution for K12 teaching in Hong Kong with the educational concept of happiness, exploration and creation. It aims to innovate teaching mode and improve the quality in teaching.

Combine the Well-known teachers, schools and educational institutions inside and outside the United Nations to form a teaching and research team. According to the syllabus, they independently develop the teaching courses, provide VR teaching for students, and focus on high-quality teaching resources, integrating terminals, application systems, platforms and content.

Integrate virtual reality technology with teaching, scene abstract concepts, and create highly simulated, immersive, and interactive learning scenarios for students. Let the learning knowledge become the "experience tour" immersed in the virtual space, the improvement of learning interest, the understanding of knowledge difficulties, the expansion of innovative thinking... will be all a brand new change.


Functions and Advantages of VR Education

  • VR super teaching system:The teacher controls the system, to make the classroom teaching is more convenient (one-button shutdown and restart, equipment abnormal alarm, central control and convenient course, data transmission storage, attention monitoring).
  • Cloud platform of course resources:A large number of cloud courses, high-quality VR education content distribution, convenient query, one-click download and update, build VR education super content resource platform.
  • MORE......