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What is VR(Virtual Reality)Education?

VR education is an educational method developed in the 21st century. It uses a computer graphics system and various interface devices such as reality and control to provide immersive technology in a three-dimensional interactive environment generated on a computer. In this process, VR technology will be analogous to the realistic three-dimensional virtual world, and through the visual, auditory, tactile, etc., let students feel the immersive effect.

VR is very promising in education, and VR education in the classroom is moving forward along this path.

The characteristics of reality, interaction and plot are the unique charm of virtual reality technology. The new virtual reality VR technology, which combines puzzle games, contextual learning, collaborative learning, and remote education, will solve many educational problems that were previously unsolvable, and let us feel all-round education.

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Four Values of VR Education

Improve learning efficiency

The research results of relevant institutions show that the teaching efficiency of single media is like text or picture, the educational efficiency is about 10%; the efficiency of composite media teaching, such as multimedia teaching, is about 30%; the efficiency of high immersive media, the efficiency of VR teaching is 70%.

Reduce education costs

Using VR in experimental teaching, replacing some experiments with VR can reduce the cost of current practical experiments.

Avoid safety risks in experimental operations

There are many experiments in chemistry teaching involving corrosive, poisonous, explosive liquids or solids. Experiments with VR can greatly reduce the risk in the experiment.

Improve learning interest and motivation

The sense of immersion of VR, presence and fun can present boring knowledge in a lively and interesting way, greatly improving the enthusiasm of learning.

MACY Classroom-VR Education


Functions and Advantages of VR Education

VR education is better than other channels to allow students to build interest and concepts in learning. This immersive learning is to use senses and thinking in all aspects, so learn more solid, more interesting, new technology, will bring us a new educational thinking.

The immersive teaching content and means of VR classroom can decompose the knowledge system into teaching knowledge points and develop the knowledge of students and enhance the knowledge of science. It can effectively solve the bottleneck of flat presentation methods in traditional teaching and make teaching become more funny and intuitive, so that you can achieve a happy and efficient classroom teaching.

VR classroom will completely solve the pain points in the traditional two-dimensional space teaching process. Various application studies show that VR technology enters daily teaching, can vividly express teaching content, effectively create a teaching environment that follows the development of technology, improve the efficiency of students' knowledge and skills, and truly make it easier for teachers to express themselves. The teaching ideas and content make the learners more intuitive and easier to understand the teaching ideas and teaching content of the instructors.

VR super teaching system

The teacher controls the system, to make the classroom teaching is more convenient (one-button shutdown and restart, equipment abnormal alarm, central control and convenient course, data transmission storage, attention monitoring).

Cloud platform of course resources

A large number of cloud courses, high-quality VR education content distribution, convenient query, one-click download and update, build VR education super content resource platform.

Cloud big data statistics

High-dimensional big data collection and feedback such as VR teaching usage rate, usage effect, human-computer interaction habits, and interaction reactions, timely adjustment and optimization, and improved cognitive experience.

Teacher-side PGC course editor

A large number of VR asset editors, teachers can log in by themselves. Use VR panoramas and panoramic videos to create, combine, edit and upload VR courses, and share your presentations with one click to create your own personalized VR innovation classroom.

A large number of full immersion courses that match the syllabus

Matching syllabus, primary/junior/high/K12 full-year grade, suitable for national textbook knowledge points, form a knowledge tree, and jointly plan VR teaching plans with front-line teachers.

A large number of course content

The full-system curriculum of liberal arts and science, the domestic VR curriculum development content is more and more complete, and iteratively updated iteration.

MACY Classroom-VR Education

MACY Classroom-VR Education